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We are a unique surety agency as we have put together an exclusive surety program that has given us






To support and service small- to medium-sized contractors who have seen their surety capabilities either evaporate or become significantly reduced due to underwriting changes made by their surety carrier.


We are a surety agency that will underwrite character, as well as financial qualifications, in order to bring the highest bonding limit we can offer to our customers to support their growing businesses.



A surety contract is an offer to pay a claim with the understanding that the insured is responsible for reimbursing the surety company for the claim through the execution of the General Indemnity Agreement (GIA).


We have in-house claims liaisons who will work with all parties to the resolve the claim to ensure that false claims are not paid and solutions for legitimate claims are provided at minimal cost to the contractor. We will make every attempt to resolve the claim with our in-house expertise before we engage our legal group in the claim.